Things to remember when making a wiki...

  • Wikis are public spaces, don't say anything here you don't want everyone to read.
  • Wikis are shared, respect authorship by others and "tread lightly" when editing the work of others.
  • SUMMARIZE information down to the basics with plain language.
  • use GRAPHICS only to support and explain text.
  • don't DUPLICATE information. If you find something that already exists and it's good for your purpose... link to it!
  • avoid plagairism by researching several sites, keeping a list of sources and summarizing information you find.
    images that are not public domain can be used only with permission and must be cited where they are on the page.
  • think about NAVIGATION and ORGANIZATION of the information, what do you want the reader to see first?
    how do you want them to get around the page? Avoid excessive scrolling!