Pathogenic Disease Pamphlet Assignment

You’ve been hired by a local hospital to produce an attractive pamphlet to convey information about a particular pathogenic disease. Choosing a disease caused by a particular pathogen, you will research the disease to gather information on:
· The pathogen itself. What is it? Where is it found? What are its requirements?
· How the pathogen is transmitted/life cycle.
· How the pathogen can gain entry to the body.
· Symptoms and course of the infection and disease.
· Treatment and prognosis for recovery.
· Statistics on risk, geographical distribution, age groups, etc…
· Pictures of the pathogen, symptoms, etc.
Once you’ve assembled your pamphlet, you will present it to a group of people for evaluation.
You may choose any pathogenic disease that fits into your assigned category:
  • Virus: Common Cold (rhinovirus)-Kaylee Sager, Rabies - Sean Murray, Ebola-Ian Pu
  • Bacteria: Vibrio Cholerae (cholera) - Frank, MRSA-Frances, Bacterial Vaginosis-Janet, Tuberculosis--Caitie Metts
  • Fungi: Tinea Manuum-Henry Sher, Tinea Pedis-David Hsiao, James McCann- Ringworm
  • Protozoa: West African Trypanosomaisis-Montanna, Pfiesteria piscicida-Charmaine Hung
  • Flatworm: Schistosomiasis - James Mao, Cestodas (cysticercosis)-Aice Wang,
  • Roundworm - Bay Lisascaris-Ken, Hookworm - Rachel
Please CLAIM your disease once you’ve decided by adding the name of the pathogen and disease to the list behind each category and signing it with 4 “~” characters.

Format: Your final product should be in the format of a tri-fold pamphlet. The pamphlet will contain a cover with a title and image, details in sections inside and a bibliography on the back.