abortion due to the government policy

There are many types of legal abortions. However, among thos legal ones, abortion due to the government policy sounds unreasonable.

Other legal abortions such as listed below, seem pretty reasonable.
  • abortion for the sake of the mother's health
    • including her mental health
  • abortion where a pregnancy is the result of a crime
    • such as crimes like rape, incest, or child abuse
  • abortion where the child of the pregnancy would have an ' unacceptable quality of life' such as cases where the child would have
    • serious physical handicaps,
    • serious genetic problems,
    • serious mental defects
  • abortion for social reasons, including:
    • poverty,
    • mother unable to cope with a child (or another child),
    • mother being too young to cope with a child
HOWEVER, if we look at the legal abortions due to the government policy, they are;
  • abortion as a matter of government policy
    • as a way of regulating population size
    • as a way of regulating groups within a population
    • as a way of improving the population

To me, even though there still are overly denesd countries such as china, it seems unreasonable to kill babies for that reason and
the method of controlling the population should be eliminted if that method is killing and harming people.
source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/ethics/abortion/legal/when_1.shtml