Enzymes in Biological Washing Powder

Enzymes are biological catalysts. They speed up the rates of chemical reactions but the enzymes themselves remain unchanges.

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Enzymes that are included:
Amylase: this enzyme is resistant to the proteases to some degree at both high tempratures and a high PH
Lipase: employed to carry on hydrolisis of triglycerides with production of fatty acids. Lipase to break down fats and oils (lipids).
Proteases: this enzyme breaks down proteins. Stains containing food or blood are removed through a hydrolysis reaction. Basically meaning that it interacts with water.

What the Enzymes do:
The enzymes lower the tempreture so that the cleaning of any type of stain can be done more easily. The breakdown of protein and fat molecules is called hydrolysis
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The dirt that is most frequently found on clothing is proteins, starch and lipids. It is possible to remove these stains at high temperatures without
enzymes however the enzymes allows low temperature adn low mechanical energy approaches to be used. The enzymes are more effective that non biological cleaning substances. Stains such as blood, grass, milk or sweat are moved more easily by biological washing powders.

The enzymes in biological washing powders help with the removal of stains. Enzyme like Proteases break down proteins stains and lipases another enzyme in biological washing powder breaks down fats and oils in other words lipids. When the enzymes break down protein and fat molecules it is called hydrolysis. This refers to a reaction with water. Te enzymes in the biological washing powder start there hydrolysis reactions which is what helps with the removal of stains.

The enzymes which are in biological washing powders are catalysts meaning that they speed up chemical reactions. In biological washing powders they speed up the rate at which the bonds break down between the larger molecules turing them into smaller bonds, which then makes it easier for the stains to be completely removed.

Examples of Biological washing powders
Because there are so many different brands of washing powders that contain enzymes, there are new ezymes that companies are trying to incoporate into their washing powders. Brands like white - plus, FAB, Breeze, Dynamo are all detergants which contain enzymes.

It is said that non biologial washing powders work as well however Detergants with enzymes have proven to be more effective.